Monday, December 7, 2009

Calling Dad, Calling Dad

Go to for the new 'truth to some extent' posts. I've decided to start telling the story of a woman searching for her father. She never knew him, he left before she was born, but there is a void -- one every adopted person feels -- but more, he DID NOT WANT her or her mother. He made no arrangements for her, he contributed nothing, he moved on. 

And now she is going to find him. Why? She asks herself that sometimes. Then she wonders if he looks like her, or sounds like her. She wonders if they have any mannerisms or behaviors that are the same. She doesn't look like her mother, so she must look like him. Who is this man. Why did he leave? How can he live with himself?

The search began in earnest a decade ago and she's still searching for answers. Her dream is to spend 3 days on a cruise to Bermuda, just the two of them, side by side in deck chairs, getting to know each other.

Let's see where the story leads.