Sunday, May 31, 2009

My New Best Friend is the United States Postal Service

I've been submitting my short stories for publication instead of putting them on here. I will post again on here, I think I have a plan, now to get it going. For now it is about getting at least one piece published. 

Meantime, check out my website:

There is a blog on there also. It follows my progress writing, revising and avoiding the work of my novel. I find a fun picture to go with each of those posts as well. If you're writing a long form work, you might find it curious, or maybe even interesting to see how I manage the process.

Here's the short version: Donna Mazzarino's husband died in a car accident. She thinks she drove him to it. Now she has to figure out what to do, and her children give her 3 very good reasons to get busy. She actually has to go to the morgue. Have you ever been there. I researched it...not what I'd expected from television shows, at least here in Los Angeles.

And that's the true. To some extent.

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Cynde L. Hammond said...

What a great idea, Lisa!

I think I might like to go to our morgue and check things out so that I can write that part of my story properly.

How do you go about asking to do such a thing?

Would you drop me a message in the guestbook of my blog if you get a free minute? I sure would appreciate it!

Thanks, Lisa! You're the best. I'll see you at your new blog!

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