Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Why Haven't I Posted?

Time seems to have stood still except for this manuscript I'm writing. It is going slowly. I'm adding music to it now, so it won't be much longer, I hope, but the work is meticulous.

Meantime, I'm make a huge effort to never miss a yoga class. It keeps me focused and centered so I can work more effectively with fewer doubts. I really want to forget about the outcome and just enjoy the process.

I hear Judith Lassiter's new book, re: yoga and life is terrific. Lots of common sense and acceptance. I wish I had time to read it. 

So, I'll be back, now sure what with, but something good! Oh how I envy those authors who can knock out a story in half an hour. 

I bake a lot when I'm writing intensively, so lots of sweet breads and puddings. Great mother's day, too.   We're refinancing the house, my daughter is visiting, and my mother has been sick. My brother, just this weekend, decided it was time to get 'stuff' out of her house so after she went to sleep, he picked up whatever looked like junk to him and piled it into his rental car and dumped it into any dumpster around town that he could find. And, he is into forward thinking recycling, reuse and repair! Hah! 


Poetry in the Global Box said...

The manuscript will be well worth the wait.

The Real Cat Woman said...

You brother is being very insensitive to his mother's feelings with her being asleep in the other room while he pilfers through her things and throws them away. There's a serious story there. Possibly his way of dealing with the fear of losing his mother. No matter what the reason, I don't like it.

Cynde L. Hammond said...

What's up with your brother? Did your mom notice her things were missing? That is so disrespectful of your mom!

Why is it that older people are not respected anymore? They should be looked up to, honored, and held in high regard, like they used to be in years gone by.

I am quite sure that whatever you write is going to be wonderful, and exactly what Poetry in the Global Box said: "well worth the wait."God bless you,